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Rivers describes The Pinkerton Diaries as “a collection of my journals, emails, letters, photos, and school papers — so you get an inside look as to exactly what I was thinking [when I wrote Pinkerton]”.  This thoughtfully assembled book covers the years 1994 to 1997, beginning on May 10th, 1994, the day the Blue Album was released.  The Pinkerton Diaries is an intimate ride along on the journey as Rivers goes from playing an empty club with Weezer to selling millions of records and touring all over the world - then willingly trades the life of a rock star for the life of a Harvard undergrad.  Rivers’ personal journals included in this book detail everything from the confusion and excitement of trying to figure out girls, to the physically and emotionally harrowing medical struggles he underwent for over a year to correct a congenital leg length discrepancy.  Also included are Rivers’ lyric notebooks, music compositions, and studio notes from the Pinkerton sessions, giving the reader unprecedented insight into these beloved songs.
ALONE III, the long-anticipated third volume of Rivers' "Alone" series is an essential component of The Pinkerton Diaries, with demos recorded during the years chronicled in the book. Listening to Rivers’ home demos from this period further connects the dots and allows you to see the beginning, middle and end of how life turns into music. It contains never before released songs as well as early versions of songs you may know.

1. I’m So Lonely  
2. Getchoo - One of the first demos Rivers recorded that would later go on to be recorded by Weezer for Pinkerton. It was recorded in December 1993 at his mother's house in Connecticut, during a Christmas break from his life in Los Angeles, which was taken up by going to SMC and playing in Weezer.  Two months prior to the demo recording, the Blue Album had been recorded in New York, but it would not be released until May 1994.
3. Lisa - written for Weezer manager's secretary. Last of the series started by "Jamie", "Mykel and Carli" and "Susanne".
4. Negativland  
5. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly - Recorded December 2, 1993, the same day Weezer played at a club called "On The Rox", which is a small upstairs lounge above the Roxy on the Sunset Strip, during their "Self Punishment Tour" (AKA "The L.A. Basin Tour"). This was recorded in the Amherst House garage on Rivers' Tascam cassette 8 track. This song would later be recorded by Weezer twice - the first version appeared on the soundtrack to "Angus", the second was a Pinkerton b-side.
6. When You’re Alone
7. Susanne - This demo was recorded in Connecticut in December 1993 during the same session as track 2. This song was first played live acoustically (with all 4 weezer members harmonizing) in February 1994 at Geffen Records on Sunset Blvd, as a serenade to the person it was written about, Susanne Filkins. Susanne worked with Todd Sullivan, Weezer's A+R man, had assisted him with Weezer for many months, and had been very kind to Rivers and all of Weezer. Susanne had never heard the song before and was speechless! Later Weezer recorded it for a Blue Album B-side, which was later remixed for the "Mallrats" soundtrack.
The line "even Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose" was later changed to "even Izzy Slash and Axl Rose" after Kurt Cobain's tragic death in April 1994. Of late, the lyric has been restored in concert to its original, more satisfying version.
8. There Is No Other One - The original title of "No Other One" which was later recorded by Weezer for Pinkerton. The song was written and recorded in July 1994 when the band took an unexpected break from touring, caused when Brian had to go on a family trip to Australia that was planned before he joined the band. Rivers took the opportunity to visit some friends in Long Island.
9. Let Me Wash at Your Sink
10. Waiting on You - Recorded January 1995 in Connecticut at Rivers's mothers house. Later recorded by Weezer for a b-side for the Pinkerton single "The Good Life".
11. Oh No, This Is Not For Me
12. Tired of Sex
13. She's Had a Girl
14. What is This I Find?
15. Now I Finally See  
16. Longtime Sunshine
17. I’m Lonely on a Saturday Night   
18. Oh God I’m Hungry   
19. I’m on Fire, You’re a Liar   
20. The End of My String   
21. I Can’t Break Your Heart Slow   
22. Money Makes Me Happy   
23. My Mind’s on You   

24. Defeat on the Hill   
25. Clarinet Waltz   
26. A Glorious Moment